Brewers malt made from the  highest quality barley yields the highest quality beer. 


Whole leaf, pellet, oil... What is your preferred hopping method? 

Brewers make the wort, yeast make the beer... 

Did you know...? 

National Homebrew day is 5/3/2014 and were celebrating!!
Come Celebrate National HomeBrew Day as we participate in the BIG BREW!! We will be brewing the Regal Pale Ale in spirit with the thousands across the nation who will be brewing the same beer that day. For more information visit or stop on down.

Sharing in the art and science of craft beer...

Hours:   Monday - Friday: 4-8pm   Saturday - Sunday: 9am - 4pm     

12445 E. 39th Ave Building C #301 Denver CO, 80239                                                               Phone: 720-441-3882




Fermenting Buckets, Hydrometers, Siphons, Air locks...